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Ebru Duruman

Born in Istanbul, Turkey 1992

Lives & works in Geneva, Switzerland


Ebru Duruman is a Turkish female painter born in 1992 in Istanbul, Turkey. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a B.Arch and a B.F.A , and worked for several years at the renowned Pei Cobb Freed & Partners before turning to painting full-time. She currently lives and works in Geneva Switzerland.


Duruman's abstract depictions unveil the interaction between the corporeal and emotional realms, portraying sexuality as a bridge between body and mind. Duruman's works invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of identity and the fluidity of desire. Each detail in Duruman's works becomes a tool for reclaiming autonomy and embracing authenticity, giving birth to powerful imagery that results from the interplay of abstraction and figurative art.


The intimate connection with colors and forms rooted in her childhood, alongside her desire to illuminate insights about sexuality and selfhood, perfectly converge. The stark transition between her early works depicting lifeless figures and her recent pieces encapsulates her personal artistic odyssey marked by the struggle to reconcile societal norms with her individuality, infusing Duruman's figures with tangible physical presence. The depicted figures transform into self-portraits, shedding light on her introspective gaze toward representations of her body and sensory experiences. Although distorted forms depicted may seem to contradict with the vivid color palette at first glance, together with the interrupted aggressive brushstrokes blended with the tamed fluid lines give the audience a hint to the artist's inner conflict.


The bodies painted by Duruman show a distinctive amorphic pattern with thick layers of paint; this brings to mind the layers in the flow of life where one has to hide their authentic selves in the outside world. As a stable and familiar space, home becomes emblematic of the only environment where the constraints of societal norms can be shed, allowing us to embrace our true selves without inhibition. Walking through the exhibition, confronting the large-scale oil paintings featuring significant body parts invites the viewer to reckon with self.




2017-19     The Art Students League of NY

2010-15     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design

2010-15     Bachelor of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2023     Dirimart, Istanbul, Turkey


2022     Breasts and Breaths, Bloom Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland



Selected Group Exhibitions

2024    Art Singapore, Dirimart, Singapore

2023    Berntson Bhattacharjee Gallery, London, UK

2023     Contemporary Istanbul, Dirimart, TR

2023     The Armory Show, Dirimart, NYC, USA

2023     Taymour Grahne Projects, London, UK

2023     Contemporary Istanbul Bloom, Dirimart, TR

2023     Art Basel Hong Kong, Dirimart Gallery, HK


2022     Fever Dreams, Vortic/Victoria Miro Gallery, Frieze Art Fair, London UK

2022     Water is Not for Sale, Bloom Galerie, St Tropez FR

2022     Golden Hour, Bloom Galerie, St Tropez, France


2021     MEG Bebek, Istanbul, TR

2021     UNIQ Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

2021     Four Seasons Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

2021     Art Menu, London, UK


2020     INTERLUDE, EAA Studios, NYC, USA


2019     The Canvas, powered by Querencia Studio, Selected artist work, NY, USA

2018     Peabody Essex Museum (PEM GALA), Boston, USA                

2018     Superfine Art Faire, Miami, USA

2018     Mucize Evi Yansimalar, Cancer Awareness Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2018     Ronny Landfield Selected artist work,  Art Students League of NY, NYC, USA

2018     Pg Popup, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2018     Fran O’Neil Selected artist work, Art Students League of NY, NYC, USA


2017     Ah, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2017     I Hope So, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2017     Rare Phenomenon Collective, NYC, USA

2017     Tomtom Istanbul, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR


2016     Scope Miami, Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery, Cabinet of Curiosities, Miami, USA

2016     Pei Cobb and Freed partners group art show, NYC, USA


2010     D&D Art Studio Painting Exhibition, Istanbul, TR


2009    Painting Show for young talents, ENKA Schools, Istanbul, TR


2008    D&D Art Studio Painting Exhibition, Istanbul, TR





2011     Honorary Art Award, ENKA, Istanbul, TR

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